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If somehow some of you are still active and came to visit this website, please contact Trivi / Anthem. Send an email to janne.hannuksela@luukku.com thank you! I have a solution for the future!
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 Triple X FAQ (Frequently "Answered" Questions)

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Administration & Development

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Triple X FAQ (Frequently "Answered" Questions) Empty
PostSubject: Triple X FAQ (Frequently "Answered" Questions)   Triple X FAQ (Frequently "Answered" Questions) I_icon_minitimeMarch 24th 2013, 06:11

FAQ are divided into two categories: General and If Possibilities. You'll see the General FAQ glowing red and the If Possibilities glowing yellow.

What is a roster?
It's a list of current members' standings. It keeps every member with their level tracked.

What's the Roster Updates for?
It is a topic to post any changes done to our roster(s). It keeps the clan smoothly organized.

Why do we have a BOS list?
Because if you want our servers protected, we have to eliminate all the people that may harm our clan or cause major damage.

What does BOS stand for?
It can be stood for a lot to be honest. I'm not quite sure what it means but I have calculations: Ban On Server, Ban On Sight, Ban Of Server, Ban Out of Server or Ban Out of Sight. You choose the most proper one.

What's a owner?
It's not a what it's a who. The person who has donated to the specific amount of money (by paypal or international bank transfer) to our clan, gains ownership. You also gain lots of priviledges along ownership and it doesn't just let you have them but also secures the clan run longer (to stay alive).

What if a member gets banned for either no or unknown reason?
It's usually when a member has used some kind of a hack system on the server and our PB (PunkBuster) has kicked him/her out. It's only if it detects the hack system, some of them are really undetectable. Anyways if you get caught for hacking, we'll make sure you won't be here anymore. Another calculation is that this member didn't have PB enabled while being on the server (makes people have no GUID if PB disabled).

What if I lose my adminlevel?
You should go immediately posting it to somewhere on our forums. Also if anybody saw you with no level, bring along the witnesses. If you ask it on our server it can be seen as asking for admin which will end in a ban. I'm pretty sure you don't want that so follow the instructions that have been given to you.

What if I lose my experience points (XP)?
If you've lost your XP, it could've been caused by X-Fire (never connect to a server via X-Fire) or a corrupted ETKey (locates in ETMain). If these weren't helpful, use Google.

What if I kicked a player off the server by calling a vote?
You did the right thing if the player was away from keyboard for too long and interfered the game that you couldn't proceed with your team. It was also the right thing to do if the player was insulting, abusing, name-calling or pushing own teammates. NEVER KICK PLAYERS OFF THE SERVER BY CALLING A VOTE IF THEY'RE BOTTING! So if any of these wasn't found in the player you shouldn't have kicked it out so obviously you did the wrong thing which was seen as abusing.


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Friend of xXx
Friend of xXx

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Triple X FAQ (Frequently "Answered" Questions) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Triple X FAQ (Frequently "Answered" Questions)   Triple X FAQ (Frequently "Answered" Questions) I_icon_minitimeMarch 24th 2013, 13:37

For the BOS = I have the idea of Ban On Sight. Makes it clear.

And thats a good list on very good questions. Ill let you know for some questions if I come up with something... Im sure Ill come up with something so I guess Ill just edit them in when something pops up.
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Triple X FAQ (Frequently "Answered" Questions)

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