• Welcome to the Triple X Portal

    Our main purpose is to be extreme at everything. We are a global clan with advertisements (GameTracker, X-Fire). We are every day trying to find a way to improve the clan as much as possible to create the extreme force of Enemy Territory and to make it better for you and for all of us.

New Releases

Everytime we get new announcements that are essential to the clan, we will place them here. So "New Releases" will be replaced by the new announcement. There's also a lot of articles regarding important stuff on our forum. Go explore and enjoy your stay!


We have one game server at the moment with 16 slots. The IP of that server is It has as its features poison syringes, no adre, max panzers/MG's: 1, max flamers/mortars: 2, respawntime 6 seconds, speed increased and jump decreased.

Admin of the Month

Another Admin of the Month election is running! Who will gain ownership for a month in May? Take part and influence! Note that only our clan members are able to participate.


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