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If somehow some of you are still active and came to visit this website, please contact Trivi / Anthem. Send an email to thank you! I have a solution for the future!
Welcome to Triple X

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Clan Rules

  In-game rules:
  - No walljumping for objective.
  - No spawnkilling with heavyweapons.
  - No disrespectful words towards anyone.
  - No hacking (aimbotting, wallhacking) attempts.
  - No misuse of your own admin commands.
  - No impersonating anyone (can't steal other player's name).

  Forum rules:
  - Don't spam topics with posts like xD or ok. Try using sentences.
  - Don't use abusive language towards anyone (no intentional harassing).
  - Don't use illegally obtained content in your signature (pornographic material).
  - Don't delete other people's topics or replies for amusement.
  - If you're a moderator, don't delete topics, move 'em into Archive.
  - Make sure you post in the right section.

  Recruitment elsewhere:
  To clarify the fact that recruiting on other clans' servers is disallowed.
  You know, it doesn't just get us a bad reputation but desperate too.

  We can advertise ourselves on other websites with permissions but we can't
  take other members from other clans. That's the way it goes.