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If somehow some of you are still active and came to visit this website, please contact Trivi / Anthem. Send an email to thank you! I have a solution for the future!
Welcome to Triple X

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  How to join Triple X?
  - Get 2000XP on our red frag server.
  - Ask for joining. A recruiter or higher admin will give you a tryout.
  - Now you need to pass it. The recruiter tells you when the tryout is over.

  What do I need to do?
  - Show your skills (teamwork, aim, speed, movement).
  - You'll either play as an engineer or medic, or both.

  What will happen next?
  - Your level will be set for you by the recruiter.
  - Now you'd need to rename yourself to |xXx|YourName.
  - YourName can be in any color. Just ensure you wear the prefix.

  Welcome to Triple X!
  - Now you're ready to start your journey in the clan.
  - Grow as an admin and gain experience. Have fun!