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If somehow some of you are still active and came to visit this website, please contact Trivi / Anthem. Send an email to janne.hannuksela@luukku.com thank you! I have a solution for the future!
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 Ghost's apply for AAT.

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PostSubject: Ghost's apply for AAT.   February 7th 2013, 05:27


I want to apply for AAT, Because I'm active, and I'm experienced with it, So here is my apply.

- Previous clans + ranks?: DC , Server manager , .EA# ( Admin) ETX| ( Founding Father).
- In-game name?: Ghost.
- Xfire?: ghost9088
- Ever got banned for abuse / hack / cheat / etc?: No.
- Why do you want to be in the Admin Abuse Team?: I'm active and i want an opportunity of becoming one.
- Any experience with hackers / cheaters / glitchers /etc?: No.
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I'm out of xXx
I'm out of xXx

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PostSubject: Re: Ghost's apply for AAT.   February 7th 2013, 09:41

Well i havnt met u yet so let me introduce myself, i am FrosT the AAT Leader.
Now u seem like an experienced and nice guy but we normaly dont make people from ur level AAT.
Maybe play in the server for some longer time and u might be the next AAT member.
Ofcourse its possible that DiVo or Anthem wants to make an exception for u but thats not up to me.
Goodluck and maybe a little late but welcome to xXx.
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Administration & Development
Administration & Development

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PostSubject: Re: Ghost's apply for AAT.   February 7th 2013, 11:00

I think for now, its a no, your new, and if Anthem, Frost and myself feel that u are doing well, then we can discuss it.

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Administration & Development
Administration & Development

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PostSubject: Re: Ghost's apply for AAT.   February 8th 2013, 04:22

In the event of a new comer, we can't just give out this lvl.

You're in need of more experience and trustworthiness amongst us. In time there may come the time when you are able to become AAT. It's all about patience and hard work. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Ghost's apply for AAT.   

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Ghost's apply for AAT.

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