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 Server transfers.

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I'm out of xXx
I'm out of xXx

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PostSubject: Server transfers.   February 8th 2013, 05:09

Yo guys, this topic is here for if u wanna transfer from the TJ server to the ND server or the other way around.
Now before You start moving this topic around to Blue official server or to red official server i made it here because it wouldnt make sense to make 2 of the same topics for almost the same thing just backwards.
So if u wanna transfer fill in this form and post it here.

Current server(ND or TJ):
Current level:
Why do you wanna transfer:
Who gave u permission to transfer(if u do not have permission yet it doesnt matter than you just need to wait for someone to give u permission here on the forum):
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Friend of xXx
Friend of xXx

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PostSubject: Re: Server transfers.   February 8th 2013, 06:56

Changed this a lil bit and put it up on both servers.

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Server transfers.

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